Sunday, 2 August 2009

My Big Idea

I am on the Megabus to London as scratch these words onto paper. Merv, the bus driver, is in good spirits and talks on the Tannoy about the unpleasantness of a blocked toilet before assuring us we will not die before getting to London, as if it is in his power to grant us temporary immortality.
I like Merv, his updates on the situation 'The Good news is we're 6 minutes ahead of schedule, the bad news is there's only 147 days to Christmas' bring levity to my journey, which can be an uncomfortable one and is one I have travelled many times before.
Often I will sleep as much as possible on a journey such as this, but not today. Today I have a purpose. And a journey with a purpose is like a life with meaning.

My purpose is not a grand one, it is merely to write this blog, but as this blog says-this is My Big Idea. It in itself is a journey and it has taken many journeys to get here, but now I'm ready to go and want you to come with.

The idea is simple-to put on a show. I've been involved in shows before. I've performed in Fiddler on the Roof, Waiting for Godot, Calamity Jane. I've played several parts in Little Shop of Horrors and helped build gas amsks and plants. I've directed youth Theatre and even done a one man, multimedia murder mystery where I played all the parts. With free peanuts.

But this show is different. This show won't let me sleep. This show demands to written and performed and has chosen me as its vessel.

And so I write. I write like never before, each idea spawning another, moving ever onwards, like the infinite snake Euroboros (or Snake 2 on the Nokia). The ideas pour from me like the evils escaping Pandoras Box.

The show is based on Greek Mythology and a TV set that steals your soul. It has a story arc as well sketches, musical numbers and a dance routine or two.
It is a comedy but also has tragedy, pathos and a love story.
It features Greek gods, Deus Ex MAchina, Bettywomanface FBI and infinite monkeys.
It will be multimedia and difficult to produce. But I must. I will call on every favour I can, every person wh can help.
I have begun casting, I have nearly finished the first draft and am slowly recruiting a production team of costumers, photographers, film makers and writers.

It is a logistical nightmare and probably massively over ambitious but when it is ready it will serve as a showcase for the abilities of my friends and myself. I want to show it every TV/Radio producer I can.

Why am I doing this? Because it is My Big Idea and noone else will.

The name of the show is Dirtbox


  1. I love the way you write.
    Can't wait to see the first draft and what kind of mayhem I'll be kicking up inside the box.

  2. Soon,my dear, very soon. I want to to make sense first time to people before I show it and its a tangled web to weave.

  3. Sounds intriguing. The merest inclusion of monkeys will guarantee success.