Saturday, 1 August 2009

Begin at the beginning....

My first blog. Thousands, millions of words in my head and I don't know which ones to use.

Do I use the ones that tell of how I got to the point I'm at or the ones that tell you where I'm at?

I choose the later. I can't go back to yesterday, I was a very different person then. To tell you my entire history would take too much time. There are fantastic stories in there involving owl training, epileptic dogs, newt rescuing and bats. There are tragic tales of death, tragic before their time deaths, suicide, even murder. There are romances, love and pain and all the bits in between.

But they can wait.

I live here now. I live in the present and the future and occasionally visit the past for inspiration and advice.

Right now I am writing my blog in pencil in a notebook, because that is how I write. Always on paper first, then I can cross things out, draw arrows if I want to move the position, place different words in position and then decide which is best. I can draw on the side too, an option woefully lacking in most computer systems.

I was naked but then needed tea, so put a dressing gown on so as not to disturb my housemates. I drink tea at a steady pace throughout the day, it being my lifeblood, my friend and when served with a biscuit, my secret lover.

I awake early most days, and go to bed late most nights. It wasn't always thus, I used to sleep til late in the morning and then fill my days with naps. I was uninspired and wasting my days. But I have purpose now and a message of intent:

World, I am here, I am ready and I will be recognised.

Every day, I awake before 7, turn on my computer, go and make a cup of tea(often with toast, butter and marmalade, but usually that comes with the second cup of the day). I return to the computer and turn on some random music.

While writing this I have already listened to 'Two Birds' by Regina Spektor, 'Three Best Friends' by Zach Galifianakis, 'Owner of a Lonely Heart' by Yes and 'I hung my Head' by Johnny Cash.

With an eclectic mix pulsing through my mind and soul, I procrastinate. Facebook and Twitter are checked, and messages and emails are answered. I then look to the screen, type a few words, delete them, retype them, then go and make a second cup of tea(with or without toast, according to my previous cup).

I then begin to write in earnest. Plots, jokes, scripts, sketches-whatever needs to be done towards My Big Idea. But Dan, what is your Big Idea? That will be the topic of my next blog as it deserves its own section. It is a Big Idea though, and it stops me sleeping and won't let me forget it.

So that's it for now, a brief intro into my life, with plenty more to come...


  1. The next one is already being written. My life begins and is over in one fell swoop.