Friday, 28 August 2009


Moving house is supposed to be one the most stressful things that we Westerners can do. Weddings, war and illness are more stressful but I don't intend to do them just yet.

I've been looking for a place to move in to with my brother and (occasionally)my niece.
We were lucky in so much as we found a cheap, cheerful flat with 3 bedrooms for only 500 pounds. We paid the deposit and were looking forward to the move.

But it was not to be.

Three weeks later on the 20th August, as I was about to leave the house for the Green Man Festival, I recieved a phone call that had the potential to ruin everything.

"Hello,this is Mead Property management, is that Mr Bulbous?"

"Yes it is."

"It's about the flat on Cowbridge road."

"The one we put the deposit on 3 weeks ago?"

"Yes. The landlord's already rented it out."

"So, you took my 500 quid and then tell me I haven't got a place to live when I have to move out of this place in one week?"


"so you're saying essentially that I am homeless because of your incompetence?"

"Ur.....we can arrange some other viewings for you..."

"I'm going away to the Green Man Festival for 4 days and will not be able to look at anything"

I gave them the benefit of the doubt and on Tuesday I called them. I left a message and got no response. I was fuming. They'd fucked me over and then failed to call me back. Then I discovered a friend had two spare rooms, in a much nicer place(with a garden) which was cheaper and an all round better place to live and I was familiar with as I had stayed there many times before. All round win.

The next day, when Mead finally called, I had great pleasure in telling them that I wanted my deposit back IN CASH, because I had found somewhere despite their incompetence. That was another win.

So, while it was massively stressful, it's alright now. Ish.

The Green Man blog will be published soon, as soon as I remember it.

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